PSI Graham Farquharson Knowledge Translation Fellowship

Faculty of Medicine Request for Applications
Important Internal Deadline: Wednesday, October 26, 2016 at 9am


High impact clinically relevant translational research outcomes generated by the designated fellow.

Deadline and Submission

All applications for this funding opportunity must be made through the Faculty of Medicine Research Office and are subject to internal review. All applications must include the completed PSIF application form and adhere to the guidelines provided. Only two applications will be selected for submission and formally endorsed by the institution. 

Electronic applications will be received by Joanna King  on Wednesday, October 26, 2016 at 9am

Definition of Translational Research

The foundation recognizes that numerous definitions exist for translational research. The following PSI Foundation definition will assist with your application.

Translational research is aimed at taking research discoveries and moving them into the real world to improve health outcomes. Relevant discoveries may result from many disparate sources, including the physiologic or mechanistic studies in the laboratory setting, or findings from human trials. Therefore, translational research may involve taking observations in the laboratory and integrating them into the design of clinical studies, or may involve taking clinical research findings and encoding them into clinical policies. The latter is the knowledge translation focus of the PSI Foundation, which is more likely to directly affect the health outcomes of Ontarians. Approaches to knowledge translation could include, but are not limited to, understanding and analyzing barriers to healthcare availability, access or uptake; examining behavioural, organizational, financial, ethical, and cultural determinants of practice; or effectively and efficiently addressing modifiable gaps in care. Translational research of greatest interest to the PSI Foundation is multi-disciplinary and multi-method, focused on improving the processes of care and/or outcomes of care for Ontarians.

Eligibility of Principal Investigator (PI)

The principal investigator/applicant for the fellowship must be either:

  • within five (5) years of their first academic appointment and have demonstrated potential for high impact research work
  • dedicate at least 50% of a full-time schedule to the fellowship
  • a practicing physician having direct patient care responsibilities and an academic appointment, thus eligible to apply for her/his own research grants as an independent investigator


  • a fellow who is a practicing physician having direct patient care responsibilities, with a supervisor who has an academic appointment and provides the necessary research supervision and infrastructure (including administering the grant at the sponsoring institution). A letter of support from this supervisor must be included in the application

Ineligible Candidates

  • Residents may not apply
  • Individuals who do not hold an MD
  • Individuals based outside of Ontario

Amount and Duration of Funding

This program offers a maximum $150,000 per year salary support for two years for with potential for a third year of salary support. The fellowship will be offered yearly. Even though this program is intended to offer salary support and protect research time for the successful fellow, the fellow may allocate up to 25% of the total award to undertake a research project. The PSIF fellow is able to apply to the foundation’s Health Research Program for an operating grant.

Application Guidelines 

Application Form  

For more information please visit the PSI Foundation Fellowship Website.

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