Up to 30 Per Cent of Medical Care Canadians Receive is Unnecessary: Report

Republished from the Globe and Mail Canadians undergo more than a million medical tests and treatments every year that they may not need, according to a new report that reveals big variations in the ordering of some procedures. The study puts a spotlight on unnecessary medical care that ranges from MRI scans for run-of-the-mill back pain to preoperative tests for low-risk colonoscopy patients and the over-prescribing of some drugs for seniors and children.
Apr 6 / 2017

Ontario Clinicians Deliver Quality Care by Reducing Unnecessary Care: New Report

When it comes to medical tests and procedures, less can sometimes be better. According to a new report released this week, Ontario health care providers are successfully working to provide and improve quality care by reducing unnecessary care to patients across Ontario.
Apr 6 / 2017

Where You Live in Ontario Could Determine Your Cardiac Risk

People living in parts of Ontario with better access to preventive health care had lower rates of cardiac events compared to residents of regions with less access, finds a study published today in the Canadian Medical Association Journal.
Apr 4 / 2017
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